Working with academic departments to temp agency partnerships: 5 things you will learn in the latest edition of The Frame from Goldsmiths Careers

Posted by Harry Picken on 21-Mar-2016 11:32:30
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The Spring issue of The Frame is here! The publication from Goldsmiths Careers Service is bursting with a range of projects and approaches, opinion pieces, interviews, case studies and videos focused on student personal professional development.

With commentary from Goldsmiths staff, students and guest contributors from across the sector, you can be sure there are a number of key takeaways that set you up to be the envy of your colleagues as you casually slip the latest industry know-how into conversation.

5 things you can learn from The Frame


1. It’s crucial to maintain a sense of core purpose for any careers service

- Bob Gilworth, Director of College Careers Services at The Careers Group, University of London discusses the ‘employability eco-system’ and how it can tackle the UK graduate market with its ‘any degree discipline’ nature on page 3.


2. NUS have a developed a Personal Development Benchmarking Tool that harnesses the power of transformative education.

- The tool is underpinned by 5 key principles that are graded on 5 levels. To gain Outstanding, an element of genuine partnership between staff and students must be demonstrated. Read more from Kate Little, Senior Project Officer, on page 13.


3. Shunning the smaller organisations in favour for the large and glamorous in your employer engagement strategy may just work against you.

- Read what Fergus Gleeson, Employer Engagement Manager at Goldsmiths has to say about linking to industry and the inspiring story on his work with Look Ahead which started with humble beginnings in 2013 on page 37.


4. A careers service which works closely with an on-campus temp agency reaps rewards.

- See how on page 43.The_Frame_issue_3.jpg


5. Self-confidence can be taught.

- Vanessa Freeman, Senior Careers Consultant elaborates on the resources Goldsmiths Careers Service have put in place after students requested a self-confidence workshop. Flip to page 50 for the full story.



There you have it! 5 quick wins you can take out from the latest issue of The Frame, available here.

Don’t forget to check out Liz Bromley reflection on the government’s Green Paper entitled ‘Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice’ on Page 7.

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