The 10 most popular articles from The Careers Group blogs

Posted by Harry Picken on 11-Jan-2016 12:10:00

2015 was a busy year in higher education. It saw a higher education Green Paper, the proposal of a teaching excellence framework, and more students than ever seeking career advice from their university. But, let's not forget the hundreds of blogs published by The Careers Group for offering news and career advice for students, graduates, career centres and employers.

2015 also saw us launch a new-look blog platform where you can subscribe to email updates in addition to a new blog dedicated to graduate recruiters.

But which articles had you clicking the most? Here are the top 10 most-read of 2015.


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International reach expands Consultancy from The Careers Group

Posted by Meredith Inman on 27-Oct-2015 10:23:00

Consultancy services from The Careers Group has seen strong growth over the past 12 months and continues to show signs of prosperity. A robust suite of intellectual property and industry thought-leadership is believed to have lead to attracting new customers and developing existing relationships.

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The Careers Group Consultancy Launches Open Courses

Posted by News The Careers Group on 18-May-2015 17:55:54

The Careers Group, University of London is delighted to announce that one of its most successful training-courses, Improving your Assertiveness, is now available to the public.

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The Careers Group Comments On Luck's Role In Careers

Posted by News The Careers Group on 27-Mar-2015 09:13:32

David Winter, Head of Consultancy at The Careers Group, University of London was recently interviewed by Ignites Europe about the role that luck plays in careers. He has written several articles on the subject and his unit provides coaching and training to help people understand what they can do to increase their chances of career success by adopting approaches that increase the probabilities of favourable events. Much of this is based on up-to-date theory and research about career success.

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C2 Consultancy successfully collaborates with A+E Networks UK

Posted by News The Careers Group on 29-May-2013 02:28:18

C2 Consultancy recently undertook a project with entertainment broadcaster A+E Networks UK®, with the soul aim of increasing employee engagement. The focus was on staff identifying and reflecting on their career goals and learning how to market themselves efficiently for internal and external opportunities. This coaching principally gives staff the tools they needed to enable them to take control of their own career development.

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The Careers Group invited to speak at European University Institute

Posted by careers consultant on 10-Apr-2013 10:30:11

C2 Consultancy at The Careers Group has been invited to speak at the inaugural teaching and learning workshop for the European University Institute (EUI) based in Florence, Italy.

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