Times Higher Education highlights AGCAS graduate survey

Posted by Harry Picken on 18-Jan-2016 10:48:55
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The Times Higher Education has highlighted the annual graduate labour market survey, undertaken by the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS).

The AGCAS graduate labour market survey showed graduate opportunities had increased over the past year and included data from small and medium sized enterprises that offered graduate positions.

“In November 2015, (AGCAS) conducted a survey to determine the most common graduate vacancies in SMEs alone. This survey revealed that the sectors with increased numbers of graduate vacancies were almost identical to those highlighted in the more recent survey.”

Bob Gilworth, AGCAS director of research and director of college careers services at The Careers Group, University of London, highlighted the importance of including small and medium-sized enterprises in the annual graduate labour market survey.

colleagues_compressed.png“The sector profile of our survey reflects the very real impact of the inclusion of the many opportunities with small and medium-sized enterprises, and differs, therefore, from other national surveys which focus exclusively on the largest graduate recruiters,” Mr Gilworth told the Times Higher Education.

Find out more about the AGCAS graduate labour market survey here.


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