Attractions, Coaches and Secondments: what junior lawyers are looking for from their law firm

Posted by Laura Brammar on 22-Mar-2016 10:00:00

You’ve recently graduated. You’ve landed a job at a major law firm. You’re quite vague about what you expect in terms of career development, right? Actually, wrong.

The Careers Group, University of London surveyed over 200 lawyers in the early years of their career to explore their expectations regarding their career development. We were keen to find out what had driven their employment choices and intentions, what career management activities they expected to do themselves and what support solicitors and barristers expected from their employers. What we discovered has implications for recruiters, graduates and university career services alike.

Here are 4 ways you can retain the best in new legal talent taken from our top rated report.

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Stress In The Workplace

Posted by Amanda Taylor on 25-May-2011 17:01:03

There has recently been a push within company law and the popular media to highlight the problems of mental health and stress in the workplace.

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Lawyers looking for career change

Posted by careers consultant on 06-Feb-2009 10:31:44

Previously we mentioned that we had seen a number of lawyers at C2 looking for advice on changing their career. If you are in that position, feeling stressed or stale, have a look at this.

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Do all solicitors hate their job?

Posted by careers consultant on 19-Nov-2008 13:27:18

For some reason a lot of the people that are currently coming to C2 are solicitors wanting to get out of their current profession. Why is this? According to an article in the Law Gazette as well as within the Nearly Legal blog it shouldn’t be a surprise.

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