Leading difficult people? Are you actually the difficult one?

Leadership – It’s not about YOU!

Nail that promotion

Career decision making? It ain’t easy. 5 hazards to look out for.

Four ways to present like a pro

Attractions, Coaches and Secondments: what junior lawyers are looking for from their law firm

The rewards and risks of the remote worker

If you're a boss, you should also be a careers coach

Supersize your career: How secondments can help you grow your career

You need careers advice. Have you asked your boss yet?

To second or not second? That is the question

How to successfully complete a job application form

Want to take the next step and become a manager?

How to successfully network

Acing your interview: Tips to succeed at a job interview

How to improve your presentation skills

Is performance anxiety tripping you up in interviews & presentations?

Is your CV good enough? Tips to make your CV stand out

The 10 most popular Careers Group articles of 2015

Want that dream job? Here's how you get it.

2 steps to your career (re)launch

Are you a 'digital influencer'? You need to be

'Peddle your oddities as precious commodities': strengthen your CV now

Six Griefs of Good Leadership - (6) LONELINESS

Six Griefs of Good Leadership - (5) DISILLUSIONMENT

Six Griefs of Good Leadership - (4) DISGUST

Six Griefs of Good Leadership - (3) ANGER

Six Griefs of Good Leadership - (2) GUILT

4 questions to transform your impact in meetings

Six Griefs of Good Leadership - (1) FEAR

How to answer interview questions using the STAR technique

5 tips to network like a professional

Your career choice? Or your parents?

5 probing questions for your leadership development

Lacking people management skills to get that promotion? Try mentoring

Redundancy: Career killer or chance to reinvent?

How to write a CV that gets results

Successful Careers & Employability MOOC wins national Technology Award

Are you hindering your efforts at cultural change?

Hard data shows soft skills increase quality and results for organisations

Survivorship Bias

The 4 year itch

CPD Online

CPD: Reflective Learning

What is your main weakness?

Whilst getting your nose in a book: Reading for your Continued Professional Development

Vet nursing in a welfare practice

Professional Development: Don’t just wait for opportunity to come knocking

Becoming a manager?


Times have changed, don’t be afraid to follow suit

Library Closed from 12:30pm on Monday 25th of June 2012

What about working Dads?

The Extinction of Privacy?

Where’s the off button?

Are Women Better Leaders?

The Mother of all Career Transitions

The Mumpreneur

Having a Child and Your Career

Getting to the Top of the Career Ladder

International Women’s Day

Need a job? There’s an app for that!

New Year, New You

"Graduates" Only

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion

Innovation at Work

Working on Holiday?

Results Day



New LinkedIn Lab date

C2 is LinkedIn are You?

You, the Brand

Skills, Skills, Skills

Stress In The Workplace

An Evening With C2

A More Innovative Approach To The CV

Bottle Green Engagement

The Top Ten Drivers of Employee Engagement

LinkedIn: The new super power....

The Careers Library will be closing at 5pm on Wednesday 20th April

The Way to the Top in Employee Engagement

How NOT to Carry Out an Employee Engagement Survey

Inventive Ways of Improving Engagement

We - How to Increase Performance and Profits through Full Engagement

Employee engagement - What actually motivates people?

Does your organisation do 'employee engagement'? Who and How? (Part 2)

The Post Graduate Study and MBA fair

Does your organisation do 'employee engagement'?

Closed over Chrismas

Hanging on to talent.

Online Training

Thinking of jumping from Public to Private?

Beyond Clinical Practice

Are you ready for a New Job?

Library Closed on 9th of August

No experience, no job; no job, no experience

First Impressions

How old is too old to change careers?

What do you do?

Is career coaching a waste of time?

Does your career need a health check?

Considering a Career Change?

How do you find a mentor? And once you find one, what do you do next?

Presentation Skills

Careers in Theory

Leaving Teaching

2012 Olympic Jobs

University of London Postgraduate Open Evening

"When I was Seven I wanted to be..."

Careers Advice... for 7 year olds?

Podcasts and Videocasts

50 Million LinkedIn Users- are you one of them?

Handling Change

C2 at the London Graduate Fair

Green Roots

90% of Job Seekers Would Consider a Career Change

The 7 Sins- CV mistakes to avoid

Commercial Awareness

The Best Careers Advice I've ever Received...

Are you considering a career in teaching?

Happy Birthday Citizens Advice!

Get your CV noticed!

Refocus Your Job Hunt

How to Dress for an Interview

CV Workshop Coming Soon!

Job Scam: Follow Up

Environmental Careers

(Fake) Job Offer


Opening Hours

Psychometric Testing: Personality Feedback

Psychometric Testing

Generating Ideas

Plan B Careers

Free CV Review

Social Media and your Career

The Importance of Networking and Tweeting

A Career in the Arts

Careers Tagged

Job Opportunity at C2

Interview Blunders to Avoid

Beat the Competition and get the Job you Want

Take it Higher

Are Your Interview Skills Holding you Back?

How to Cope with Pressure

Win Business on the Battlefield of Recession

How not too Write a CV

Interview Skills Workshop

How to Fill in an Application Form

Is Your CV Holding you Back?

Career Change for Lawyers

Career Coaching: "A Really Good Kick up the Backside"

Banking versus Teaching

When is it ok to take a paycut?

C2 at The Guardian London Graduate Fair

A Warning From the Ancient Greeks

Friday: Get Headhunted

Thursday: Network your way into the hidden job market

Wednesday: Attacking the Visible Job Market

Tuesday- Targeting

Monday: Availability, Accessibility and Application

Job Hunting in a Week

Should Qualifications be Simpler and Free?

Why work?

Different Perspectives on Redundancy

Lawyers looking for career change

Jobseeking? Struggling to break through with your applications?

Redundancy Advice

Slash careers - not happy with one career then have two

Are you too old to volunteer?

Develop your skills for promotion

Can a job in the City be defined as a calling?

New jobs for City boys

Do all solicitors hate their job?

Explore your career options

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