Leading difficult people? Are you actually the difficult one?

Posted by Trevor Bibic on 20-Jul-2016 11:30:00

In my last post, I focused on the concept of how you should prioritise empowering the people you lead, rather than ‘managing’ them. In this article, I want to say something about ‘difficult’ people. It is fair to say that the process of empowering isn’t always met with open arms!

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Leadership – It’s not about YOU!

Posted by Trevor Bibic on 14-Jul-2016 11:00:00

It might seem cheesy, or obvious to say that being a leader means caring about your people. However, based on the professional conversations I am having, I might suggest that a lot of leaders are not getting it right! The price of this failure is that people simply leave in the hope that it will be better elsewhere. You might even recognise that in your own career experiences.

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Nail that promotion

Posted by Laura Brammar on 14-Jun-2016 10:38:50

Snap. You know, the card game right? If you match the latest card exactly then you can go on to win. So what’s this got to do with securing your promotion? Actually, quite a lot.

Often clients I work with are a bit bemused (and often very disappointed) that they’ve not been offered the promotion they expected. They know they do a great job. They also know that their boss rates their work. It seems a forgone conclusion that when the next step up becomes available they will be in the best position to be offered the role.

In reality though, it is often the case that we need to put more effort than we might think into arguing the case that we are right for the next challenge. We need to show that we do really match perfectly with what they are looking for.

It’s easy to think ‘well they already know that I can do the job because they’ve seen me in action’. The truth is, whilst your line managers may believe you are ready they are going to have to justify your selection both to themselves and to other key decision makers, just as they would for an initial hire.

So what can you do to make the process go more smoothly?

Here are my top 5 tips which I’ll also be exploring in much more detail during our free Nail that Promotion webinar on Thursday 23 June 7.30-8.30pm.

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Career decision making? It ain’t easy. 5 hazards to look out for.

Posted by Laura Brammar on 18-Apr-2016 10:30:00

 All of us at some point in our lives will have made a decision about our career. In fact, we are more likely to have made several such decisions throughout our life time.  Whether to pursue a career based on your degree, or whether to work within a particular organization; these are choices which you will have made at different stages in your career development.

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Four ways to present like a pro

Posted by Sue Moseley on 08-Apr-2016 10:00:00

How do you feel when asked to give a presentation?

For many people the answer to this question is ‘nervous’ (or something more extreme and possibly less polite…). Some degree of anxiety about a public performance is very common and that applies to presentations to peers, clients and management too. Importantly, feeling nervous does not mean that you are a poor presenter or performer. Often quite the opposite. Adele1 is reported to suffer from serious stage fright and we are not hearing many complaints about her sell-out tour!

Much presentation advice centres on content. What will you say? How will you make sure it’s relevant? How will you predict questions? Valuable as those questions are, they don’t get to the heart of what makes it possible for us to stand up in front of a group of people and engage their interest. So let’s get to the heart of the matter - here are four ways to present like a pro.

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Attractions, Coaches and Secondments: what junior lawyers are looking for from their law firm

Posted by Laura Brammar on 22-Mar-2016 10:00:00

You’ve recently graduated. You’ve landed a job at a major law firm. You’re quite vague about what you expect in terms of career development, right? Actually, wrong.

The Careers Group, University of London surveyed over 200 lawyers in the early years of their career to explore their expectations regarding their career development. We were keen to find out what had driven their employment choices and intentions, what career management activities they expected to do themselves and what support solicitors and barristers expected from their employers. What we discovered has implications for recruiters, graduates and university career services alike.

Here are 4 ways you can retain the best in new legal talent taken from our top rated report.

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Topics: law, Consultancy, leadership

The rewards and risks of the remote worker

Posted by Laura Brammar on 17-Mar-2016 10:30:00

13%.  If you are one of the increasing numbers of remote workers this is a statistic I’d advise you to get to know sooner rather than later.  In a report produced by Stanford University it was found that found mobile and remote workers are 13% more productive than their office-based counterparts.

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Topics: work from home, remote working, flexible working

If you're a boss, you should also be a careers coach

Posted by Laura Brammar on 15-Mar-2016 11:00:00

What do you expect from your own boss?  To let you know how you’re getting on in your job? To answer any questions you have about your work load?  How about to develop your long term career beyond your current managerial role?

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Topics: career choice, Consultancy, leadership, Research

Supersize your career: How secondments can help you grow your career

Posted by Laura Brammar on 09-Mar-2016 10:30:00

Fancy getting some experience in another part of your business?  Curious about what like might be like on the client or in-house side of your industry? Ever considered doing a secondment? 

For many professionals a secondment can be a great way to develop their career whilst still remaining part of their organisation and team.

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You need careers advice. Have you asked your boss yet?

Posted by Laura Brammar on 03-Mar-2016 10:30:00

What do you expect from your boss?  To let you know how you’re getting on in your job? To answer any questions you have about your work load?  How about to develop your long term career and give you career advice?

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Topics: career choice, Consultancy, leadership, Research

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