7 top ways to ensure your best people will quit

Posted by Harry Picken on 11-Apr-2016 11:30:39
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From graduates to C-level executives raking up 30 years of service, companies around the world make common mistakes that make people head for the hills - most of which could be avoided.

Here are 7 ways to guarantee that your best interns, graduates, and long standing empoyees will quit along with a couple of hints on how these could be tamed.


1. Make your induction programme tedious and fill it with information they won’t remember

Graduates and other new hires are most impressionable during the first 60 days on the job. Every bit of information gathered during this time will either reinforce that they made the right decision or encourage them to side shuffle towards the door.

The single biggest factor in encouraging a new employee to exit is the induction programme. Most are inefficient, crammed with information in a single day, poorly organised, and boring.

Spreading all the policies, procedures, regulations out of the first 60 days will not only make their first few days more enjoyable but they are also more likely to remember them!

Ensure your induction programme consists of these key messages:

  • You were carefully chosen and we're glad you're here
  • You're now part of a great company
  • This is why your job is so important
  • How you can grow


2. Have mind-numbing rules

Great employees want to have guidelines and direction. What they don't want is to have rules that prevent them from doing their job, stifling ideas, getting tied up in bureaucracy or that conflict with the values the company says are important. Don’t forget, I did not say have no rules; I specified mind-numbing rules. This bring us nicely on to…


3. Micromanage like never before

Right down to the nominal details, tell them what you want done and how. Don't tell them why it needs to be done and why their job is important. Don't ask for their input on how it could be done better.


4. Treat everyone equally

Some employees are worth more, because they produce more results. The key is not to treat them equally; it is to treat them all fairly.


5. Don't develop an employee retention strategy

Graduate and employee retention deserves your attention every day as people need constant reminders that they are appreciated. Make a list of the people you don't want to lose and, next to each name, write down what you are doing or will do to ensure that person stays engaged and on board. Set up employee retention interviews and don’t wait until a great employee is making a dash for the exit. 


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6. Don't recognise outstanding performance and contribution

Psychology basics: behaviour you want repeated should be rewarded immediately.


7. Don't have any fun at work

Find ways to make work and/or the work environment more relaxed and fun, and you will have happy employees who look forward to coming to work each day. The notion that work cannot be fun is actually counterproductive. It doesn’t have to be a pool table or free beer – although they are quick wins!


Final thought

I hope this post gives you some quick wins to avoiding seven easy pitfalls. Feeling inspired to develop an employee retention strategy? Great! As a rule of thumb, make sure you can describe it in under two minutes. 

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