7 Reasons why you should work with universities to fill Your temporary vacancies

Posted by Anum Akhtar on 24-Feb-2016 10:00:00
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Hiring a temp is a cost-effective way of attracting new talent and skills into a business, with the potential to offer the temp permanent employment.  

Hiring a temp allows you to solve staff shortages without the need for long-term commitment. In addition bringing in temps could introduce innovative ideas from high quality candidates to compliment your current staff and organisation.

Below I list why hiring temps from a university like the University of London will benefit you in more than one way. 

1. Commercial advantage 

By working with a University and getting involved in all aspects of employee engagement (events, internship schemes, volunteering) and building presence on campus you can gain access to the best students and graduates before your competitors do.

Temporary Worker 

2. Create work-ready graduates

By targeting students early-on in their time at University you can create your own work ready graduates by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and experience required for your workplace. This will also increase the number of and quality of applications to your graduate scheme.


3. Flexibility

 ‘Try before you buy’, using such a service allows you to fill temporary vacancies with work ready students and graduates. If you are happy with their performance you can keep them on a permanent basis or place them on your graduate scheme. At the end of the temp contract you do not have an obligation to keep the temp in case your business needs change.


4. Saves money

Using a university recruitment service is cheaper than using high street recruitment agencies. Here at the University of London we have qualified recruitment specialists ready to help you with your recruitment needs. Take a look.


5. Saves time

Graduates are at the heart of university life so they take care when advertising and reviewing applications. They always conduct a thorough recruitment process that takes pressure off the employer including shortlisting, interview scheduling, pre-hire check and payroll. This saves a great deal of time as some roles can receive over 100 applications at a time.


6. Wrap around services

You can access useful services at the university such as, consultancy services, bespoke training and up-to-date research. This will allow you to broaden your network and connect with great contacts from these areas.


7. It's ethical

The University is a not-for-profit organisation with the aim to help students and graduates find work rather than make profits. Here at the University of London we look after students/graduates, providing them feedback on their interviews and also our careers Consultants provide careers advice. The money we make is re-invested to help continue helping students and graduates find work.



There we have it! Seven great reasons to work with universities to secure your latest temp hire. The University of London has a temp agency which operates across all of its colleges and even further afield. Download their brochure to see why companies come back again and again. 

Download brochure

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