6 ways to keep temp staff motivated

Posted by Emmeline Shadrach on 09-Mar-2016 10:00:00
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There will always be a time when you may need to use temporary employees.  How do you motivate and inspire them to work hard when they may only be there as a gap fill? In this blog we're going to find out just that with six top tips on motivating temporary employees - whether they are graduates or established professionals.

A temp may only be with you for a short period of time, but it's essential that they stay motivated - you'll not only get vlaue for money but you also see them become a value added member of the team. Don't just take my word for it! A quick Google search will reveal a range of research backing the importance of motivating temp staff.


Top tips to motivate temp staff

1. Prepare

Have their working area and any computer access, ID or any other essentials ready.

There’s nothing worse than not having anywhere to sit and/or not be able to get on with your work. Bad communication between the company and temp agency can also leave a temp feeling out of place. Make sure you select an agency you are comfortable working with and have the right calibre of staff.

The University of London Temp Agency has a great pool of students and graduates ready for work in anything from call centres and marketing to finance admin and bioscience! Read more here.


2. Induction

Induct properly so they’re feel comfortable and welcome.

Show the temp around the building so they know all health & safety procedures as well as where the kitchen and bathroom is. Important things to know! Also, introduce them to the team and give them a mentor so they don’t feel alone and have someone to ask questions to.  



3. Clarity

Create clear goals and follow up.

Temps are usually expected to hit the ground running so set them clear targets and make sure they have all the information and tools to do the work required.


4. Team

Include in any team emails or plans so they feel part of the team.

It’s important to make sure the temps feel like they fit in and that they have access to the same information permanent employees such as group emails or team lunches.


5. Communication

Keep clear communication lines open so the temp knows who to speak to and report to.

Make sure the temp knows who to report to or speak to with any queries or if they need to escalate something or need permission for something.


6. Feedback

Make sure feedback is given on a regular basis.

Everyone needs regular feedback to ensure that they are the right track in order to correct problems or just to feel like the right work is being accomplished.

 Pro tip: Ever asked to write a reference? Take a look at this advice.



Remember, temps can be essential to your business so treat them like permanent employees and you never know, your temp may become a permanent employee! Show them the same respect and provide full support to provide maximum productivity and job satisfaction.

The University of London Temp Agency places students and graduates in temp roles all over London. Download the brochure and see why they have a 90%+ satisfaction rate. 

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