6 advantages graduates can bring to your company

Posted by Harry Picken on 03-May-2016 09:00:00
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We’re approaching the end of the academic year and that means one thing, new graduates! As the latest cohort look to take their first step onto the career ladder, we ask ourselves these two questions:

  1. What can graduate employers do to attract the right graduates to their organisation?
  2. Should we be more cautious hiring someone straight out of university?


One thing is for sure, after speaking to graduate recruiters up and down the country, there are common benefits which emerge. So without further ado, here's what we think a graduate can bring to your organisation.


Six benefits graduates can bring


  1. Rejuvenating mindset

Graduates tend to have this inert awareness of current cultural trends and a fresh perspective on the world we work in. This can help to keep everyone on their toes as they inject fresh ideas that can be mixed with tried and tested ones.


  1. Blank canvas

Graduates can be molded which means that the person and role can be made to suit the company. However, this means that it will be a learning process from both sides as the company harnesses the benefits whilst the graduate gains new skills and experience.


  1. Adaptable

This will probably be their first full-time job, which means that they probably won’t have any pre-formed work habits. Their ability to work varying hours may come more naturally but it’s important not to take advantage as the last thing you do is want to scare them off after they’ve developed all these great skills!

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  1. Tech-knowledgy

Today’s graduates are tech-savvy. They have the ability to pick up new systems and equipment quickly which can be ultra-valuable for today’s digital world and save money when compared to training a more experienced hire.


  1. Cost saving

Naturally, hiring a graduate for a role will be cheaper than employing an experienced hire. This is not saying that you should do this or that it applies to every role, but it’s worth considering as you could use the saving to increase your budget or hire two people instead of one.


  1. Enthusiasm

Graduates can bring heaps of enthusiasm, energy, and positivity to their first role. Harness this and watch them grow into a well-rounded employee who is a asset to your team.


Thinking of hiring a graduate?

We have three great services you should check out to make hiring that little bit easier. 


 > London Graduate Fair - exhibit to thousands of graduates in the heart of the capital

JobOnline – UK’s largest graduate job board

Internship recruitment – give these guys a call to set up a hassle-free internship scheme in your company or simply hire a one-off intern. Check out their free guide.

University of London Recruitment Agency – Temp and permanent hires


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