5 ways to gain major points during graduate recruitment

Posted by Harry Picken on 04-Feb-2016 09:54:00
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Working with graduates can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial for your company. You can bring in fresh ideas, while helping a young graduate kick-start their career and training. But attracting the best and brightest graduates to your company is very competitive. Here are some of the best ways to attract some of the most talented and enthusiastic graduates to your company. 

1. Be open to unconventional skills and training

More and more, companies are looking at more than just a candidate’s degree when assessing job applications. Extra-curricular activities, other training, volunteer work and the skills earned from a variety of pursuits, can often provide a good indication of a candidate’s suitability to the role – for example, being active in a local community or playing in a local sports team can indicate a candidate’s ability to work in teams, and a candidate who has undertaken a lot of short-courses could be shown to have initiative.


2. Keep the application process engaging

The hiring process for graduates can be lengthy. It’s important to keep potential hires engaged throughout the process – include short videos or conduct a video or working interview, and ensure your company maintains good communication with every candidate. It’s not uncommon for graduates to become discouraged after filling out a lengthy application and then hearing nothing back from an organisation.

It’s also important to provide a feedback loop for candidates. Remember, this may be their first time applying for corporate work, and it will not only help them in future interviews, but also help your company’s image. 

What does Nesta do? from Nesta UK on Vimeo is a good example of an engaging recruitment video.


3. Provide a clear and realistic job description

Whether you’re looking for someone to fill a mailroom position or someone to fill an all-encompassing graduate position, make sure the job advert is clear. It’s important to be transparent about the responsibilities and expectations required of the position. This will help you attract the best and most appropriate candidates, as well as ensure you’re not wasting your time going through a stack of unsuitable CVs.

If you're unsure of your responsibilities as an employer, take a look at our Employer Guide to Graduate Internships, which can give you an insight into graduate internships for employers. 


4. Make your workplace a learning environment

Most graduates are focused on professional development and continual training. Having a strong mentoring and graduate development programme in place will help you attract some of the brightest graduates, who are looking for ongoing career development.

Putting in place a culture of learning and training not only helps develop employees (and helps your company reap the benefits), but it also demonstrates to prospective graduates that your company views their employees as a long-term investment and fosters a sense of loyalty and commitment to your company.

Pro tip: If you're looking to hire an intern, take a look at this internship checklist


It's important to have a good mentoring scheme in place.

5. Ensure there’s a career path to follow

Most people want to know there’s room for growth and challenges at their organisation, and graduates are no exception. During the application and interview phase, demonstrate to the graduates that your company fosters career growth and personal development. Use case studies from past graduates to illustrate the range of potential career paths available to your employees.

There are so many benefits to internships, that it is important to view a graduate scheme as a vital part of your company's hiring process. Not only does it bring in young, talented and ambitious workers, it can also help revitalise your company. It is also important to remember that a graduate scheme is a learning experience for young, relatively unexperienced workers and your internship may be the first formal corporate job they have held.

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